"HAPPY LIFE"
The Sankara Group of Schools is a vision and dream of their Holiness' Pujyasri Sankaracharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam to promote value based education among the budding citizens of India.
This Institution primarily aims to inculcate the rich tradition and dharma of Indian culture along with the expansion of knowledge. Thus we focus on the holistic development of the students to a respected and admired citizens of the future.
                  "Happy Life"
Honourable Correspondent
Shri M.Ramakrishnan


"Teachers who inspire know that teaching is like cultivating a garden, and those who would have nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather flowers."


The world today has cut-throat competition and Sankarites are well prepared for the same. I believe that with the changing times, the teacher-student relationship has taken over a new dimension. It is a relationship where the mind is without fear and both can share an understanding. I am deeply humbled at the broad mandate of facilities that form the base of our school. Our school teachers have been trend setters in providing an enhanced ambience for quality education.

Life is all about choosing something over the other. Caught in this never ending web of our life we are all concerned about social and national issues. As our students cope with personal goals, I observe with pride that Sankarites continue to make a mark for themselves as they break all stereotypes. From the perils of fanaticism, to the effects of global warming, from social issues to political ones, from the determination to have a vibrant personality and a successful career, our students are concerned about all this and more. At Sankara Vidyalaya we try to guide all those who choose to become part of the fraternity to mature into balanced, socially aware and humane individuals


Principal :


hear from our vice-principal

"स्थावरं जंगमं व्याप्तं यत्किंचित्सचराचरम् ।
तत्पदं दर्शितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥"

           With the humble pranams to the Acharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam this institution continues to function in an efficient manner. Our main motto is imbibe knowledge into the students along with the rich dharma of Bharathian culture. We sincerely thank the almighty for the heights the school has reached and also pray for the success of the students in the forthcoming days.




"Innovation is Success' Initiation"

We strongly adhere to the fact that a person's success lies in his ability to innovate things with lots of creativity. Sankara Vidyalaya works keeping this aim in mind. Students are encouraged to display various creative talents that they possess and also we create an environment for the students to recognize their own special skills thereby creating a solid platform for their transformation into a excellent citizen of the future.


Ms. Mahalakshmi.S.

Ms. Susila.S.K.

Mr. Srinivasan.N.           Ms. Gayathri.V.          

Ms. Usha Nandhini.A.R.



                                                          Shri. M. RAMAKRISHNAN,Correspondant

                                                              Ms. PADMAVATHY.G.  M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Principal.

                                                          Ms. JAYALAKSHMI.P. M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Vice-Principal.



                                                         High School and Higher Secondary

                                                                         Ms. Gayathri.V. M.Sc., M.Ed.,

                                                                         Ms. Susila.S.K. M.A., M.A., M.Ed.,

                                                                         Mr.Srinivasan.N.M.A., M.Phil.



                                                                          Usha Nandhini.A.R. B.Sc., B.Ed.,

                                                                                 Mahalakshmi.S. B.Sc.,





Ms. Vijayameenakshi.S M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil

Ms. Janaki.R M.Com., B.Ed.,

Ms. Latha.P M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Rajeswari.S [Maths] M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Rajeswari.S [Physics] M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Latha.C M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Selvi.A M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Kanchana.T.C M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Adline Deva Creda M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Shanthi.M M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Usharani.N M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sudha.B B.E., M.C.A

Ms. Mala.B M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Prasanna Kumari.G M.Sc., B.Ed.,





Ms. Sarayu.K B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Shanthi.S B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Pankajavalli.R M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Rama.V M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Vimala.W B.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Padmaja.C M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Malathy .R B.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sasikala.K M.A., B.Ed.,

Mr. Selvamozhi.R M.A., B.Ped.,

Ms. Rajini.T M.A., M.Ed.,

Ms. Vasanthi.S M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sasikala.V.R B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Aysha.A M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sreelekha.M M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Srimathi.S M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sangeetha.G M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Jayakodi.P M.Sc., M.Phil

Ms. Bhavani.K M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Kaleeswari.S M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Mr. Kalyana Sundaram.S M.A., B.Ed.,





Ms. Asha.V

Mr. Mahadevan.K

Ms. Manimekalai.P

Ms. Bamini.V

Ms. Ragini.P.G

Ms. Vijayalakshmi.R

Mr. Mathru Bootheswaran

Ms. Chandra.L












Ms. Indumathy.S B.Com., B.Ed.,

Ms. Manjula .C B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Karpagam P B.Com., Dip.Pri.Edn

Ms. Bama.V M.A., M.Phil., Mont.Trg

Ms. Lalitha.N B.A., Dip.Pri.Edn

Ms. Uma.I B.Com., B.Ed.,

Ms. Premalatha.S B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Alamelu.V B.A., T.T.C

Ms. Usha.K M.A., C.T.T.C

Ms. Shanthi.S M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Vijayalakshmi.V M.A., Mont.Trg

Ms. Saraswathy.P B.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Varalakshmi.S B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Nirmala.B.R B.Com., Dip.Tr.Trg

Ms. Jayalakshmi.A B.Com., B.Ed., M.B.A

Ms. Vimala.K M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Mahalakshmi .S M.A.,

Ms. Shanthilakshmi.P Mont.Trg

Ms. Latha.S B.A., Mont.Trg

Ms. Radha.V B.Sc., Mont.Trg

Ms. Navaneetha Chellam M.A., M.Phil

Ms. Sudha.M M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Tamizh Selvi.G M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sheela.V B.Com.,

Ms. Malathy.P B.A.,

Ms. Savithri.K M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Jayalakshmi.P B.Sc., M.C.A., M.Phil

Ms. Lakshmi.V M.A., P.G.D.C.A., M.Phil

Ms. Vidyavathi.M B.Sc., Mont.Trg

Ms. Ruby Kamal Mary B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Ruckmani.S M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Srimathi.L B.C.A., Mont.Trg

Ms. Padmavathi.L Mont.Trg

Ms. Chitraleka.R B.A., Mont.Trg

Ms. Devika.V B.Lit., D.T.E

Ms. Geetha.R B.Sc.,

Ms. Ananthalakshmi.M B.Sc.,

Ms. Senbakam.M M.A., B.Ed., Mont.Trg

Ms. Chenthil Ramani.T B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sridevi.S B.Sc., B.Ed., Dip.Pri.Edn

Ms. Geetha.D M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Shobana.B M.Sc., M.Phil

Ms. Bhuvaneswari.S K.G.Trg

Ms. Vaidehi.S Mont.Trg.,

Ms. Anitha.R B.Com., P.G.D.Ted

Ms. Lakshmi Srihari B.Com., Mont.Trg

Ms. Sasikala.J B.Sc.,

Ms.Padmavathy. K B.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Indhira Priya.B B.Lit

Ms. Thanjua.J M.A., B.Ed.,

Ms. Sudharshana Devi.J M.A., D.Ted.,

Ms. Shanthi.R B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Uma Devi.A B.Sc.,

Ms. Prema.C B.Sc., B.Ed.,

Ms. Bhuvaneswari.B Dip.Mont.Trg

Ms. Usha.R B.Sc.,

Ms. Jothi.V B.Sc., D.Ted

Ms. Archana.V B.Sc., B.Ped.,

Non-teaching staff




Mr. Ramamoorthy .K

Ms. Radhika .B

Ms. Vijayalakshmi .R

Ms. Mahalakshmi .M

Ms. Poorani .R

Mr. Sivanarayanan .V

Mr. Ayyappan .S

Ms. Suganthy .R

Ms. Chithra .L

Ms. Mahalakshmi .A

Ms. Rajeswari .V

Ms. Vedhanayagi .V

Ms. Kala .D

Ms. Sumathy .M

Ms. Pakkathal .R

Ms. Lakshmi .A

Ms. Rani P

Ms. Chandira .B

Ms. Valarmathy .C

Ms. Saradha

Mr. Arumugam .E

Mr. Gopal .M

Mr. Mani .B

Mr. Elumalai .R

Mr. Kannan .P


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